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  1. IM-MV
    IM-MV 19-021_003
    Erasmus MC
    Vergunning onherroepelijk
  1. Retroviridae Lentivirus Human immunodeficiency virus 1 ; mens
  1. Clinical Trials to Assess the Safety and/or Antitumor Activity of Genetically Engineered NY-ESO-1-Specific (c259) T Cells (GSK3377794), alone or in combination with other agents, in HLA-A*02:01, HLA-A*02:05 and/or HLA-A*02:06 Participants with NY-ESO-1 and/or LAGE-1a Positive Cancers
    T-cel receptor (TCR), opwekken van een immuunrespons
    DCMR Milieudienst Rijnmond
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